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July 6, 1013

Extreme Heat Coon Bluff

Now in it's 10th year!

Perfect beginners race: Rafting and Trekking (Limited to first 50 registered teams)

What is adventure racing?  Trying to get to the finish line, having completed all the tasks along the way.

How do you do it?  Using all available resources including the map you're given, written directions, problem solving, route choice, etc.

Nearly anyone can do it, and you'll have these events explained thoroughly either by race staff or in your race guide you receive.  We get LOTS of questions from athletes who are used to sports like running or triathlon where the entire race is clearly laid out with little thought necessary.  In Adventure racing, you may have to read directions, strategize, come up with new ideas, and generally speaking: If the race director didn't say "you can't" then "You can".

If you have questions, ask: Help@SierraAdventureSports.com.  WARNING: Try this sport and you'll be hooked!

Two person teams. Male, Female or Coed

Adventure Rafting & Trekking (hiking) over a 10-12K course.  You will use an easy to read, pre-marked map to find your way to checkpoints scattered about the Coon Bluff area on foot as well as raft down a mile long section of the salt river.  In addition, you will have to complete a few "Mystery Events" (more below) along the way. 

When: 6:45am mandatory pre-event meeting, 7am start time. Help us speed things up at check in, each member of your team please print and sign this WAIVER and bring it with you.

Where: Coon Bluff Recreation Area is just off the Bush Hwy in the lower Salt River Canyon near Mesa.  MAP

Registration $99 per 2 person team, add $30 after June 22nd.   Registration will be limited to the first 100 people registered.  We are allowing minors 14 & over who are traveling with a responsible adult, however please email us and let us know in advance of your age if you are under 18 as we have a special waiver for you.

Click here to register by mail and save a few bucks on fees: Manual Registration Form or here: to register electronically. 



Refunds will not be given for any reason, however, in extreme circumstances the entry fee is transferable to a future race hosted by Sierra Adventure Sports.  Please understand this rule is in effect as arrangements for medical staff, insurance, etc., must be made in advance.  Help us speed things up at check in, each member of your team please print and sign this WAIVER and bring it with you.

If your worried about the navigation aspect, worry no further.  We've been putting this race on since 2003 and nearly everyone has finished in three hours. 

Adventure Rafting? what is it?  You will need to bring your own inflatable raft, like those you find at department stores, and you can pick them up for $20. You may have one or two, it's up to you; however, you may not exceed the stated limit of the craft. Inflatable kayaks are not considered rafts. Rafts have rounded front ends, rather than the pointed front ends of inflatable kayaks.

If you absolutely, posititively can't buy or borrow a raft, we will supply you with a K-16 (large car or SUV) innertube that you will have to propel through the water.  You supply swim fins, a paddle, hand fins, etc. to make your craft move, or you can just sit backwards and backstroke your way down the river; It's up to you.  You may have to carry your equipment for some distance, though it's not terribly long.  You may also bring your own innertube if you like.  You will be inflating the craft during the race, so don't do it ahead of time..  ...bring a mechanical non-electric (that includes battery operated) pump to inflate them.  Our tubes have Schrader valves which are what you have on your car.

Mandatory Gear: each person must carry
1. A hydration bladder or bottles capable of carrying at least 50 ounces of water
2. A pen or pencil (extra's are a good idea)
3. A Coast Guard approved personal flotation device which must be worn at all times on the water.  The $5 orange around-the-neck models at Kmart/Wal-mart work great. 
4. Waterproof map carrying case, or a big waterproof Ziploc bag (one per team ok)
5. First aid kit for whatever you may encounter while trekking and tubing...Don't skimp!  It's your health.  (one per team ok)
6. Each team must have a hand or foot (manual) pump for inflating inner tubes.  You may have and use two pumps. Keep in mind that car innertubes have a SCHRADER valve like the one on your car, not a PRESTA valve that many of you have on your bike.  NO CO2 or Compressed air.
7. One gallon of water to be left with your gear in the transition area.
8. One blindfold that you can't see through
9. Two plastic grocery bags
10. Every vehicle, including volunteers, must pick up and display a "Tonto National Forest" users pass.  You can get them at Big5 Sporting goods, and many other places.  It is HIGHLY recommended that you get this before you leave as most places out there won't be open should you decide to arrive the morning of the race.  Here is more info: http://www.fs.fed.us/r3/tonto/tp/index.shtml.  If you already have an "Interagency Pass" passport and the "Tonto Upgrade" sticker, you don't need the pass.  If you don't know what that is, you don't have one.  For those of you coming in from out of town, the closest metro area to Coon Bluff is East Mesa. 

Recommended gear: 

Cell phone (in the "off" position during the race) in a water tight container or bag, gels, bars, E-caps, Hat, sun block, etc. 
Trail running shoes are best

We will have a transition area where you can stow your gear when not in use.  For instance, you don't need to carry your PFD on the hike.  You will be looping back through the Transition Area. 

What is a "Mystery Event" you ask?  They are team-challenge events in which you'll often have to work together to strategize on how to best complete the event.  Examples of past "Mystery Event's" have included: blindfolded puzzles, plank walks, climbing walls, balance beams, padlocked chests, ring toss, etc.  They're designed so that almost anyone can complete them.  We realize you put a lot of trust in us when you enter into an event where you don't know exactly what you'll be doing, and we carefully consider that in regard to every event.  

Finally a FUN adult sport! 

Adventure Racing should be above all else FUN, and the Extreme Heat races are meant to be exactly that.  You'll enjoy it even if you come in last. 

Adventure/Fun/Sweat/Discovery/Accomplishment/Camaraderie.  When we personally race, we make mistakes, take pictures, get lost, get found, laugh, cry, sweat, finish and have a BLAST!..and that's our philosophy on creating all of our races.  Please join us!! 

The Extreme Heat Adventure Racing summer races are short (Approximately 12-20K) adventure races that will each have 2 core disciplines (paddling, mountain biking, hiking, adventure tubing), and a few mystery events thrown in.   They will start early in the morning and are designed to be completely finished within 3 hours, though leaders may finish between 60 & 90 minutes. If you are just looking into starting adventure racing, this is the perfect race for you. 

Do we get t-shirts and finishers medals?  We've tried to make the Extreme Heat series as inexpensive as possible, thus, we won't be giving out t-shirts.  What you will get are memories that will last a long time!  We will present medals to top three teams overall.




Results are at bottom of page
Pictures HERE

2012 Results

Teams with an * next to their name collected trash and have had their times adjusted accordingly. Thank you for helping keep Arizona clean!

Place Bib # Time Team name Teammate #1 Teammate #2
1 19 8:46 * We run because we have too many kids Sabrina Redden Seth Redden
2 6 8:56 * Chicken Dinner Julie Hackett Zach Grether
3 11 9:01 AZ SWAMP ASS Aaron Johnson Olivia Bateman
4 1 9:11 * Thumbdingers Dawn Brooks Andi  Gorman
5 7 9:15 Heatin' Up! Hunter Heaton Thomas Heaton
6 21 9:28 * 2 Moose Too Loose Alex Scsavnicki Paul Scsavnicki
7 8 9:29 Old School June  Herion Michael Herion
8 2 9:29 Cheese Racers Sheryl Cormack Crystal Penn
9 5 9:32 Team Indecisive Austin Furniss Megan Polvi
10 17 9:35 Macho Katana Death Machines Rich Orndoff Jason Tiller
11 15 9:37 Sore Tomorrow Julie Montgomery Davin Montgomery
12 24 9:44 * Lewis & Clark Peggy Dennis
13 23 9:46 There's No "I" in Beer Jeanne Sims James Garman
14 16 9:59 Dirty Honey Badgers Richard Orndoff Warren  White
15 18 9:59 Two Feisty Femmes Jill Pavlak Meredith Painter
16 22 10:11 Couch Potatoes Jin Seder Cindy Seder
17 12 10:17 * KapStone Johnny Kapeliela Will Stone
18 20 10:35 Hot Pockets Angela  Scheffer Joseph Ritchie
19 9 10:39 Green Tabasco Scott Holman Shayna Phipps
20 13 11:34 * Team Malificent Donna Luke-Roman Nancy Freeman





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