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Flag X Fort Tuthill Adventure Race
Saturday, August 10, 2013


Disciplines: Mountain Biking, Trekking and Orienteering

What is adventure racing? Read all about it HERE

How do you do it?  Using all available resources including the map you're given, written directions, problem solving, route choice, etc.

Nearly anyone can do it, and you'll have these events explained thoroughly either by race staff or in your race guide you receive.  We get LOTS of questions from athletes who are used to sports like running or triathlon where the entire race is clearly laid out with little thought necessary.  In Adventure racing, you may have to read directions, strategize, come up with new ideas and, generally speaking, if the race director didn't say "You can't"...then "You can".

If you have questions, ask: Help@SierraAdventureSports.com. 

WARNING: Try this sport and you'll be hooked!

Two person teams. Male, Female or Coed

Mountain Biking, Trekking and Orienteering over a 18-20K course.  You will use a pre-marked topographical map to find your way to checkpoints scattered about the Fort Tuthill area.  In addition, you will have to complete a few "Mystery Events" along the way.  What is a Mystery Event, you ask? They are team challenges in which you'll have to work together to strategize on how to best complete the task. Examples of past Mystery Events: blindfolded puzzles, plank walks, climbing walls, etc

: Fort Tuthill Recreation Area, Flagstaff AZ - From I-17, take exit 337 for Highway 89A, go West and directly into Fort Tuthill

Registration and Transition Area open at 7 am
Mandatory pre-race meeting at 7:45 am
Race starts promptly at 8 am

Registration $85 per 2 person team, add $20 after July 27th.  We are allowing minors that are 14 & over who are traveling with a responsible adult, however we will need a special waiver from you.





*Plenty of on-site camping!
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*Test your nerves on a high ropes course!

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Refunds will not be given for any reason, however, in extreme circumstances the entry fee is transferable to a future race hosted by Sierra Adventure Sports.  Please understand this rule is in effect as arrangements for medical staff, insurance, etc., must be made in advance.  Help us speed things up at check in, each member of your team please print and sign this WAIVER and bring it with you.

Mandatory Gear per person:
1. A hydration bladder or bottles capable of carrying at least 50 ounces of water

2. A bandana
3. A pen or pencil (extras are a good idea)
4. A mountain bike and helmet

5. UTM plotting tool (If you don't have one, we have a few you can borrow)
6. First aid kit for whatever you may encounter while trekking and biking...Don't skimp!  It's your health (one per team ok)
7. One gallon of water to be left with your gear in the transition area
8. A signed WAIVER (or MINOR WAIVER)

Recommended gear: 

A large ziplock bag or waterproof map case
Cell phone (in the "off" position during the race)
Gels, energy bars, electrolyte caps, etc
Hat, sun block, etc. 
Trail running shoes are best


**GPS units are not allowed. If you are found using one, you will be disqualified.

We will have a transition area where you can stow your gear when not in use.  For instance, you don't need to carry your helmet on the hike.  You will be looping back through the Transition Area. 

Medals will be presented to the top three teams overall


Race Pictures Can Be Found HERE



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Adventure Racing should be above all else FUN, and our races are meant to be exactly that.  You'll enjoy it even if you come in last. 

When we personally race, we make mistakes, take pictures, get lost, get found, laugh, cry, sweat, finish first, finish last, but always have a great time! And that's our philosophy on creating all of our races.  Please join us!

Our summer races are short (approximately 12-18K) adventure races that will each have 2 core disciplines (paddling, mountain biking, hiking, adventure tubing), and a few mystery events thrown in.   They will start early in the morning and are designed to be completely finished within 3-4 hours, though leaders may finish between 60 & 90 minutes. If you are just looking into starting adventure racing, this is the perfect race for you.



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Place Bib # Team Name  Teammate 1 Teammate 2 Time Trek CPs Bike CPs O CPs Total CPs
1 463 Equipe Tortue Ron Birks Harry Zulch 10:13 6 7 3 16
2 484 Dell Duo Brian Buzzard Rebekah Ryan 10:19 6 7 3 16
3 485 FLG X London Bus Kelby Dierking Patrick Kelley 10:21 6 7 3 16
4 470 FLG X Pluto Paul Kent Holly Mikulas 10:23 6 7 3 16
5 466 Jake1 Jacob Elmer 10:28 6 7 3 16
6 473 BFC/Racelab David Marks Windy Marks 10:30 6 7 3 16
7 474 ARC Patrick Black Kevin  Adams 10:30 6 7 3 16
8 482 GO!AR Dave Sewell Michael Taylor 10:43 6 7 3 16
9 468 Getchcoxson Mike Getchis Kaley Willcoxson  10:57 6 7 3 16
10 472 Glory hole Jon Miller Tyler Nord 10:58 6 7 3 16
11 464 One Link Short Geoff Chain Michelle Thomas 11:28 6 7 3 16
12 471 AzEndurance Hollon Kinney Kim Hines 11:35 6 7 3 16
13 476 under the wire Mark Ritter Eric Mace 11:43 6 7 3 16
14 465 Crush'n Rick Eastman Sierra Eastman 11:54 6 7 3 16
15 467 Storming the Castle Irene Fabig Jill Diamond 11:55 6 7 3 16
16 478 Since We Can't Be in London Georgie Sevcov Brigid  O'Neil 11:59 6 7 2 15
17 475 Dirty Honey Badgers Rich Orndoff Warren White 12:00 6 7 1 14
18 480 Team BB Sommer  Velazquez Kande Jacobsen 12:00 6 7 1 14
19 469 AZ SWAMP ASS Aaron Johnson Olivia Bateman 12:00 6 7 1 14
20 462 Guiness Hunters Cherelynn Baker Rick Hogsten 11:00 5 1 0 6
21 461 Lyle Emily Anderson Kiri Campbell 11:40 5 1 0 6
22 483 Lewis and Clark Peggy Dennis 12:30 6 7 0 13
23 477 Robins Matthew Robins Amanda Robins 12:20 6 5 0 11
479 Team Why Not Hansi Sexauer Pete Fredricks DNF
481 Strictly Business Nathan Weamer Alex Rivera DNF





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